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Everyone loves dessert… but, some of the desserts we eat aren’t good or healthi for us. So, we decided to create a better dessert, one that is delicious, made from natural and organic ingredients and fun.
Inspired by Taiwanese shaved ice and motivated by a California lifestyle, HappiYeti has innovated to create a unique offering; Shaved Snow that is made with onli the healthiest and best organic and natural ingredients – even our toppings and snacks are natural and organic.

Elegant Designs

Our Mission

Because we are what we eat, HappiYeti makes the best shaved snow with healthi, natural ingredients, fun and happiness.

What is shaved snow

Shaved snow is silki, sweet, creamy, and ice-cold. It tastes like eating clouds, because it all dissolves in your mouth almost instantli. This is achieved by infusing the ice-cold mixture with flavor before it freezes.

Natural and organic ingredients

Because we are believers of a healthi lifestyle, we use only: natural and organic ingredients and toppings, and when possible these are sourced from local farms and vendors.

Flavors & Toppings

HappiYeti offers some traditional shaved snow flavors, but has focused more on innovating by creating silky-smooth shaved snow versions of commonly found ice cream flavors (and some that aren’t as common, but we think you’ll like).

We also have taken great care to select toppings that are natural and organic. All of the toppings, including: candies, gummies, chocolates and other toppings are natural and/or organic.

*Exact flavors and toppings being offered may vary based on the availability of ingredients that can be locally sourced.

Client Testimonials

Happi clients


Pass it forward; Yeti Famili

Because we like to share joy in our community, every week there is a family from the local community that is given the opportunity to come in as many times as they want and eat free snow. At the end of the week that family selects another local family for the prize… this way, each week once family shares the love to another so that they get to join in the joy of snow.

Loyalty programs

Loyalty programs

We are veri thankful to our customers and we want to demonstrate it by giving them free shaved snow. To ensure that this happens, we won’t use punch or stamp cards that can get lost, instead we will create a loyalty account that is linked to your email or phone number so that you more easily pile on your usage and use your rewards.